National trust Sri Lanka lecture on solar electricity

ECONOMYNEXT  – Solar power costs have been sharply coming down, though its still under-utilized according to a top academic who is deliver lecture at National Trust – Sri Lanka, a heritage society.

"Solar energy has been expanding at over 40 percent per annum for over a decade," a statement said.

"Yet, solar electricity at present accounts for barely 2 percent of the entire energy provision.

"Yet, the energy generation worldwide is going through major change. The dominance of fossil fuel-based energy generation is being challenged, predominantly by cheap crystalline silicon solar cells coming to the market."

The lecture will be deliverd by Ravi Silva,  Distinguished Professor and the Director of the Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) and Head of the Nano-Electronics Centre (NEC) at the University of Surrey.

He completed his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the Engineering Department at Cambridge University.

The lecture will be at HNB auditorium on Thursday July 25 at 5.30 pm
In the 1970s solar energy had cost 74 US dollars per Watt, which has fallen to around 20 cents at the moment.

In July 2019, solar electricity had been auctioned at 20 US dollar per MWh and 17 US dollar per MWh in Brazil, which is about 2 US cents per KWh (1000 units).

It was not specified whether the price fell during an off-peak period when supply is strong.

In many developed nations there is a wholesale electricity market, prices for thermal energy can also fall below cost due to falls in demands or delays in shutting down thermal plants. (Colombo/July23/2019)





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