Nearly 2300 suspects arrested after Easter Sunday – Police

Police Spokesman Ruwan Gunasekara said that a total of 2289 suspects were arrested relating to Easter attacks, search operations and the communal violence on 13 May.

Briefing the media yesterday (3) at the Ministry of Defence he said that out of the 2289 there are 330 Sinhalese,139 Tamils and 1820 Muslims suspects among them.

Further, he said that out of the total suspects 423 are remanded by the courts and that it includes 52 Sinhalese, 13 Tamils, and 358 Muslims.

“Two hundred and eleven suspects are detained by the police which includes 68 detained by the Criminal Investigation Department and 26 by the Terrorist Investigation Division,” he added

Further categorising them he said that they are 9 Sinhalese, 1 Tamil and 201 Muslims among the detainees.

“The rest of the suspects which amounts 1655 were granted bail by the courts and police stations,”said Gunasekara

So out of 330 Sinhalese arrested 269 were granted bail and 61 are detained, 125 out of 139 Tamils arrested were granted bail and 14 are detained and 1261 Muslims out of 1820 arrested were granted bail and 559 are detained.

Gunasekara also said that 25 Sinhalese,13 Tamils and 537 Muslim amounting to a total of 575 suspects were arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA).

Two hundred and thirteen suspects under the Emergency Regulations which includes 66 Sinhalese,6 Tamils and 141 Muslims

Seventy-two are under International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) which includes 45 Sinhalese, 1 Tamil and 26 Muslims.





Further, he said that the rest of the 1429 suspects were arrested under the penal code and other laws and that it includes 188 Sinhalese,120 Tamils and 1121 Muslims.

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