Nearly half of CMB’s water wasted

Due to leakages in the distribution pipe system, nearly 49 per cent of water supplied to Colombo is lost, incurring a considerable loss to the National Water Supply and Drainage Board. Abdul Rasheed, Deputy General Manager of the Colombo Water Supply Service Project said.

The project funded by the Asian Development Bank which will be completed by 2020, Rasheed said, will ensure that 60 per cent of all pipes in Colombo are replaced.

“The water distribution pipe network which supplies drinking water is more than 100 years old and is not sufficient to cater to the current and future requirements of the city, especially with the Port City coming up,” the official Government news portal quoted him as saying.

To meet this growing need, this renovation will see the water distribution pipe network of 960km replaced at a cost of Rs.40 billion.”

“We hope that with the completion of this project, not only will residents have uninterrupted water supply, but that it will also be efficiently managed,” said Rasheed.

Acknowledging that the project has caused certain inconveniences to the public, the Deputy General Manager requests the citizens to assist the Water Board in this regard as this has led to traffic congestion, diversion of road routes, temporary closures, limited parking facilities, dust        and     noise.

“We regret these issues and ask for citizen’s cooperation until the project is completed,” he said.

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