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Nearly Rs. 265 million paid as compensation for Easter Sunday victims

The Office of Reparations (OR), established to compensate the Easter Sunday Attack victims says that a total of Rs.262, 812,500 has been paid at present for those who were deceased and injured due to the bomb blasts.

Due to the Katuwapitiya bomb blast, 115 people lost their lives out of which 106 persons are compensated at present whereas 52 persons were deceased from the Kochchikade bomb blast out of which 46 individuals are now compensated.

Thirty people lost their lives from Zion church bomb blast and only one person is left to be compensated, the OR said in a statement.

It added that at present, a total of Rs.198.5 million has been paid for the casualties and Rs.64.2 million has been paid for those who sustained injuries.

Meanwhile, the Government has also allocated Rs.25 million for the three churches that were damaged due to bomb blasts.

Accordingly, both Katuwapitiya St. Sabastian church and Kochchikade St. Anthony’s church have been paid  Rs.10 million each and Batticaloa Zion church has received Rs.5 million.

Two hundred and sixty-three people including 43 foreigners lost their lives and more than 500 people sustained injuries due to the  Easter Sunday terrorist attacks on the 21st of April 2019 which were aimed at three churches and three main hotels in the country.

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