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New army commander accepts the symbolic baton from former army chief

A formal military and dignified ceremony were held at the Army Headquarters premises this morning (20 Aug) where the former Commander of the Army, General Mahesh Senanayake symbolically handed over the replica of the ornamental Baton to his successor, Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva in keeping military traditions.

The gesture of handover of the Baton signifies the transfer of command in the military literature since the ornamental Baton represents the commanding authority that can only be exercised by an incumbent Commander of the Army and the symbolic replica, needless to reiterate, represents the most hallowed importance of the office of an Army Commander and the authority it commands over the organization.

Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake, who became the Commander of the Army on 27th June 2017 as the 22nd Commander of the Army during his tenure of office, rendered a milestone service to the country, mobilizing his troops in times of all national needs, catastrophes and emergencies.

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