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New grading system for London (Cambridge) O/L, A/L, other students missing June exams

ECONOMYNEXT – Cambridge Assessment International Education has introduced a new grading system for students, in view of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting the exams that were scheduled for June this year.

Issuing a statement to all Cambridge International schools worldwide, the University of Cambridge announced that the exams of the Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge O Level, Cambridge International AS & A Level, Cambridge IPQ or Cambridge Pre-U syllabuses scheduled for June 2020 are canceled due to the pandemic.

The institute stated the grades will be given after taking an evidence-based decision about grades for each candidate in each subject. The process will be carried out in four steps.

  1. Centre determines a predicted grade for each candidate for each syllabus entered

– Teachers use evidence and judgement to grade every student entered in each syllabus in their center, to produce predicted grades

2. Centre determines a rank order of its candidates within each grade for each syllabus

– Teachers rank students based on expected attainment within each grade in each syllabus

3. Head of Centre confirms the predicted grades and rank orders, and Centre sends them to Cambridge International

– Head of center confirms predicted grades and rank orders for each syllabus and sends to Cambridge International

4. Cambridge International carries out a standardization process, combining data from the school with other data, and awards final grades.

– Cambridge International carries out a standardization process, combining data from the center with other data, and awards final grades





All the schools and institutions under the Cambridge Assessment International Education have been asked to follow the guidelines issued by the institute and submit the relevant details on or before May 29, 2020.

“We are working to adapt our IT systems to collect grades and rank orders in a way that is as simple as possible for schools. We will provide detailed instructions about how and when to submit the data as soon as possible. The deadline will not be earlier than 29 May 2020 and schools will have a window of at least two weeks in which to submit the data,” the institute said in the statement.

“In developing this approach, we have engaged with different entities worldwide, including other awarding bodies, governments and universities. We have also engaged with the UK government’s exams regulator, ofqual, which has developed a similar process for the GCSEs and A Levels taken by schools in England.”

If any candidate decides to withdraw their entries for the exam, they can do so from April 18 to May 01.

The institute further said the grades that will be issued for the June 2020 exams will have the same value as grades awarded in any other series.

No entry fee will be charged from any student who does not receive a grade in cases where a centre cannot give a predicted grade or a place in the rank order. Nor will there be charges for the June series for late entries until 17 April or withdrawals up to 1 May, the institute said.  (Colombo/ April 16/2020)

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