New magazine targets Sri Lanka’s growing elderly population

ECONOMYNEXT – A non-profit outfit in Sri Lanka is to launch a magazine targeting the island’s growing number of elderly people, covering a range of topics from infrastructure and government policy to advice on investment and insurance. 

The magazine, ‘Sunrise’, will be published by the Sunrise Senior Foundation (SSF) once in two months starting with the April/May issue which is to be released in the last week of April 2018.

It aims to cater to the needs of the rapidly ageing population in the country where the incidence of non-communicable diseases is also rising.

The SSF, a not-for-profit organization whose directors are all volunteers, was formed a year ago to help, guide and be a mentor to Sri Lanka’s ageing population, a statement said.

The magazine, ‘Sunrise’, is actually a re-launch, as it was  published two years ago by another organization and was well received but wasn’t able to proceed beyond four issues.

Its Board of Directors comprises Kumar Nadesan, Tissa de Alwis, Tilak de Zoysa, T. Someswaran, Pramilla Senanayake and Feizal Samath as chairman, bringing different levels of expertise and maturity to the organization.

“Apart from the magazine, the SSF will also engage in a host of activities to raise awareness on the rights and needs of the ‘silver-age’ community, be a voice for the elders, provide a source of funding for charitable purposes and create public space for the benefit of senior citizens, an important demographic group in Sri Lanka.”

The magazine, edited by a senior Sri Lankan journalist, will cover a range of stories and news beneficial to the elderly community and their families, companies and also institutions that provide products catering to this community.

Coverage includes stories pertaining to policy issues by the state concerning the country’s 60+ years population, insurance and investment advice, health and medical care.

It will also cover infrastructure in public spaces like banks, government departments, shopping malls, hotels, and apartments to ensure minimum inconvenience to senior citizens, and have tips on shopping, gardening and games and jokes.





“The magazine is set to fill a largely-unfilled need for information for senior citizens,” the statement said.
(COLOMBO, March 27, 2018)

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