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New traffic plan at Sri Lanka’s Bandaranaike International Airport

ECONOMYNEXT – A new traffic plan has been put in place at Sri Lanka’s Bandaranaike International Airport to enable passengers to disembark or board vehicles at the departure and arrival terminals after new security checks inconvenience travellers.

A spokesman for the Sri Lanka Air Force, which is in charge of airport security, said the air force was compelled to prohibit entry for vehicular traffic to the airport entrances soon after Easter Sunday’s suicide bombings which killed over 250 people.

Passengers arriving on flights and passengers departing on flights had to walk a considerable distance with their baggage after disembarking from their vehicles or before boarding their vehicles because of the new security arrangements, he said.

“However, today the SLAF is happy to announce arrangements are now made to facilitate entry to vehicles to the respective gates for drop off or pick up of passengers and minimise distance passengers have to walk with their luggage,” he said.
The airport taxi service will also start at the arrivals terminal exit and travellers can book taxis at the terminal and board just outside, he said. 
(COLOMBO 9 May 2019-SB)

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