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No conflict in UNP; what needs to be done, will be done – Ravi

Insisting that there is no conflict in the party, United National Party (UNP) Assistant Leader Ravi Karunayake said the party will do what needs to be done at the right time.

Speaking at an event in Mattakkuliya on Saturday (21 Dec), the former minister said the UNP being a united party, all members are ready to join hands for the upcoming parliamentary elections. Discussions are already underway on securing a massive victory in 2020, he added.

Referring to the controversial arrest of United National Front (UNF) MP Patali Champika Ranawaka, Karunanayake said while it is normal for certain things to happen when governments change, arresting a Member of Parliament must adhere to protocol. Such arrests, he said, should follow established norms, without disregard for the law, the police and the courts.

“That’s how we conducted ourselves over the past five years. Whatever happens, democracy must be protected. Raising such issues would not undermine the unity of the UNP or the confidence the people have in this party,” he said

Karunayake further said that amending the 19th amendment will not be in the interest of the public.

The UNP will provide a 2/3 majority in Parliament of any decision taken for the benefit of the people such as reducing taxes, reducing the cost of living, subsidising fertilizer and providing housing facilities, he said, but not for amending of the 19th Amendment.

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