No school books and uniforms – Women’s Group

Women for Rights, a women’s rights group affiliated with Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) today (18) said that Government has failed to provide school uniforms and textbooks for the students on time.

Addressing the media, the Secretary of the organization and former Urban Councilor Samanmali Gunasinghe said that the Government has not yet announced the procedure in which the school uniforms will be provided.

“On the 18th of last month the President was sworn in and a government was appointed. The Cabinet of Ministers also sworn in but the Government which was hasty to secure its power has failed to implement a proper programme which would fulfil the educational needs of the students” she charged.

She went on to say that the former Education Minister did not have any plan to distribute uniforms and textbooks to students. “The former President, Prime Minister and the Minister cannot escape from that responsibility, “she pointed out.

“The newly appointed President and the Minister also had two weeks before the school term ended but they too failed to implement a proper programme. The school holidays are going to end very soon but still, the Government has not announced how they are going to provide school uniforms,” Gunasinghe said.

Gunasinghe added that the new textbooks for the next year are also not available.

“There are no new textbooks for the year 2020 and the students have been given old books. The is also a problem with the workbooks. Therefore, we suggest the Government to cut down the expenses spent on parliamentarians and resolve the problems faced by the students,” Gunasinghe added.

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