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No trial for Gota during the campaign

Presidential Candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa has got yet another reprieve from the courts after the Supreme Court ruled today that his trial for misappropriating state funds over the D A Rajapaksa memorial cannot be heard until December 10.

The trial was slated to begin and go on continuously in the Special Trial-At-Bar starting October 14.

This allows Gotabaya to campaign for the election without the distraction of the trial, and in case he wins and becomes President the case will go into abeyance as the President has automatic immunity from these trials.

Gotabaya had filed a petition to the three-judge bench asking for a stay but the special courts dismissed the application. Today the Supreme Court ruled that the case cannot be heard before December 10.

In this case Rajapaksa and six others are facing charges of misusing public funds to the tune of nearly Rs.34 million, with which a memorial and museum were built in honour of Rajapaksa’s parents at Weeraketiya in Medamulana.

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