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Norway keen on Sri Lanka natural gas deposits

ECONOMYNEXT – Norwegian companies would be interested in exploiting Sri Lanka’s offshore petroleum resources, Borge Brende, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway, said.

Norway is a world leader in offshore oil and gas exploration and support services, he told a forum at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce during his visit to the island.

“Being a partner in developing Sri Lanka’s gas resources would be of interest to Norwegian companies,” he said. “Norway has a lot to offer in this area.”

Sri Lanka is “beautifully located . . . strategically placed on sea routes between the East and West with great potential for maritime services and trade,” Brende said.  

Sri Lanka’s location could make it a hub for maritime services like Singapore has become by “developing skills and hard work,” he added.

Brende said co-operation between Norway and Sri Lanka would be in their “commercial interest.”

In the past, Norway has helped developed the island’s fisheries sector and could offer its expertise again. 

“Offshore fish farming is today a growing sector in Norway, the second most important after oil and gas,” Brande said.

Norway also a has lot to offer in renewable energy, being the sixth largest producer of hydro power in the world.

Norwegian solar energy firms were also interested in investing in Sri Lanka, Brande said.
(Colombo/January 10, 2016)





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