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Not satisfied with envoys representing Sri Lanka-Amaraweera

Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said yesterday that he is not satisfied by the performance of our Ambassadors in other countries.

Addressing a meeting held at the Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development, the minister said that all successive governments in the past have appointed defeated MPs or ageing public servants to serve as diplomats.

He said that he is not criticizing the appointments but these officers have not rendered any valuable service to the country and added that they only go to those countries to enjoy the perks and educate their children.

Amaraweera also said that ambassadors of other countries in Sri Lanka met him to discuss projects in Sri Lanka from their respective countries.

But he said that none of our recently appointed ambassadors have been able to implement such projects to promote our local products in those countries.

Which shows that they have clearly neglected their primary responsibility given by the government of Sri Lanka.

He also said that the President has already focused his attention on selecting a group qualified ambassadors who love the country to provide a good diplomatic service.

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