NPM promising a new political culture in Sri Lanka

The National People’s Movement (NPM) will present a people-centred manifesto to the country in September which will change the current corrupt politician-centred culture.

This promise was made when the NPM convened a meeting of delegates from around the country in Colombo Monday afternoon (1) to engage in a discussion about the future plan of action.

Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne, who heads the Sarvodaya Movement and is the leader of the NPM says that Sri Lankans are sick and tired of the politician centered culture and want change.

He said that a large majority of the people are yearning for a transformational political leadership.

“However the current power struggles among the main political parties may pave the way for a draconian authoritative rule,” he warned.

Former Auditor General Gamini Wijesinghe delivering the keynote address said that the country has fallen into a debt trap.

“Governments are now in a situation where they are borrowing to pay the debts and in that situation, the country has to accept any conditions the lending countries impose on us,” he pointed out.

Wijesinghe laid out a series of principles the PM’s economic policies will be guided by.

He said the rural economy has to be protected. “Just because food is produced cheaper in neighboring countries we should not buy from them. All our farmers want is a fair price and that will revive the rural economy,” he said.

Cutting down on waste and corruption will save 25 percent of the government’s funds, he said.   





He likened the Budget Proposals brought before the people to “Fairy Tales. Those things will never happen.”

Other speakers pointed out the huge import bill and the fact that exports had declined. The biggest cost was the import of vehicles.

NPM says it is not a political party and will not transform into one.

However, the NPM will identify and train individuals who will then contest through a political party aligned with the NPM.

“This political party is not represented in Parliament and has not been corrupted by the system,” Ariyaratne said

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