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NPP lodges complaint against false report on second preference

The National People’s Power (NPP) has lodged a complaint with the Election Commission (EC) against a Sunday newspaper for allegedly reporting an article with a misleading headline.

According to NPP, the Sinhala-language newspaper has reported that ‘NPP informs its voters to cast a second preference to defeat dictatorship,’ which the party claims is false.

Issuing a statement this morning (15), the NPP noted that such false reporting may mislead the public.

“In a situation where we cannot respond or make corrections about that statement since the period for election campaigning has ended, such reporting will mislead the public. It even violates media ethics. Therefore, we request the Elections Commissioner to take appropriate action in this regard,” the statement said.

“Casting the second preference is a right of the voter and we believe that it should be done according to the voter’s conscience.  We do not mean to intervene in that process,” the statement added.

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