NWSDB provides drinking water to Kaluthara

Drinking water was supplied in bowsers to residents in the Kaluthara area by the National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) yesterday (10), as there is a severe depletion of water in water sources and an increase in water salinity due to the prevailing dry weather conditions, said an NWSDB statement.

According to the statement, the areas which receive water from the Kethhena water filtration plant is experiencing these conditions. They are Wadduwa, Waskaduwa, Pothupitiya, Kalutara North and South, Katukurunda, Nagoda, Payagala, Philominawatte, Bombuwala, Maggona, Beruwala, Kaluwamodara, Moragalla, Aluthgama, Dharga Town, and Bentota.

The statement also warns about the salinity of water supplies in other areas and it further states that contamination of salt in water is a natural phenomenon when there is a decrease of water level in rivers.

Further, the statement asserts that the NWSDB, as a responsible organisation, cannot stop the supply of water as it is a fundamental right of the people and drinking salt-contaminated water, while not harmful to the body in the short term, is unpleasant and is insufficient to prevent thirst.

However, almost 90 percent of water supplies is used for washing and other chores while less than 10% is used for drinking and cooking.

The NWSDB decided to release water supplies to help people attending to their daily chores without prescribing the drinking of saline water. The Board had also arranged to distribute safe drinking water through bowsers and station tanks at various points, the statement said.

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