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Thursday September 29th, 2022

How Sri Lanka's IMF-backed 'Young Plan' fired a foreign debt death spiral: Bellwether

In all years with inflationary policy, debt after foreign reserves went up

September 16, 2021 18 min read

Sri Lanka's monetary meltdown will accelerate unless quick action is taken: Bellwether

Debt re-structuring to reduce gross financing needs will help

August 18, 2021 19 min read

Sri Lanka Minister follows Diocletian after printing money, but stops short of death penalty

Diocletian minted in copper in plenty what was scarce in silver, Sri Lanka is pumping liquidity in paper

August 13, 2021 5 min read

Sri Lanka economy bought to tipping point by monetary fallacies: Bellwether

Mercantilist fallacies have devasted countries at peace

August 11, 2021 21 min read
Sri Lanka has to work fast to contain multiple defaults as Tanzi bites: Bellwether

A flexible exchange rate fails because it is not rule bound

Sri Lanka has to hike rates, ensure monetary fiscal co-ordination to help rupee: Bellwether

Monetary fiscal co-ordination comes from an International Monetary Fund

Hayek's warning: lost generation economics kill Sri Lanka's social market economy attempt: Bellwethe...

Sri Lanka's Central Bank which has printed tens of billions of rupees in 2018 to boost economic activity artificially ju...

May 9, 2019 15 min read

Sri Lanka goes from boom-bust to bust-bust with soft-peg: Bellwether

Sri Lanka is going from boom-bust to bust-bust in this credit cycle despite the injection of excess demand into the econ...

March 25, 2019 12 min read

Productive workers in Sri Lanka trapped between neo-serfdom and Samurai graduates: Bellwether

Sri Lanka's toiling workers in the private sector who stand on their own feet are an unfortunate lot, caught between a n...

February 17, 2019 10 min read

Sri Lanka has to reform soft-peg to avoid monetary instability, default: Bellwether

In 2018 instability generated by an inconsistent monetary policy framework not only killed a nascent economic recovery t...

February 15, 2019 15 min read

What went wrong; Sri Lanka's illiberal economics and unsound money : Bellwether

Sri Lanka's United National Party has well and truly lost its reputation for economic management during three and a half...

January 28, 2019 12 min read

Sri Lanka is not Greece, it is a Latin America style soft-peg: Bellwether

There are pronouncements that Sri Lanka is like Greece from both sides of the political divide, but that is not correct.

December 26, 2018 15 min read

Sri Lanka and Ecuador; a cautionary tale of the Rupee and Sucre: Bellwether

Sri Lanka'S rupee has fallen with amid two liquidity spikes in 2018 just as the economy started to recover, underlining ...

November 16, 2018 17 min read

Sri Lanka risks instability, stagflation by being in unstable soft-peg group: Bellwether

Sri Lanka's permanent currency depreciation worsened by periods of greater weakness is putting the country in the danger...

October 15, 2018 16 min read

Cardinal Goma, Upali thero and Sri Lanka's fascist nationalism: Bellwether

Ethno-religious fascist forces are again in the ascendancy in Sri Lanka helped by an economic downturn triggered by mone...

August 31, 2018 13 min read

What Sri Lanka can do to improve the credibility of its dollar soft-peg: Bellwether

Sri Lanka's Central Bank is forced to collect forex reserves to be able to pay off government debt when necessary and me...

August 6, 2018 11 min read
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Sri Lanka is recovering, Central Bank threat looms: Bellwether

Sri Lanka is on a recovery path, and this is the time when commercial bank credit picks up, the Central Bank cuts rates ...

June 20, 2018 12 min read

Sri Lanka's devaluationist REER targeting is a tiger's tail

With the rupee hitting new lows against the US dollar, driven by a REER-targeting devaluationist policy to hurt wage ear...

May 31, 2018 10 min read

Sri Lanka needs real ministers, a real cabinet and a Prime Minister to play monitor: Bellwether

Corruption in Sri Lanka's governments is partly due to the lack of an independent public service and permanent secretari...

April 23, 2018 6 min read

Sri Lanka's UNP pays the price for currency depreciation, REER targeting: Bellwether

Sri Lanka's central bank and policymakers of the United National Party sowed the wind from 2015, printing money to destr...

March 23, 2018 18 min read

Sri Lanka's economic nationalism on tiles backfires on tea: Bellwether

Classical liberal economists have long argued that free trade leads to peace and economic nationalism and protectionism ...

February 9, 2018 7 min read

Sri Lanka's Central Bank should sell own securities in new credit cycle: Bellwether

Sri Lanka's credit is now slowing (compared to total deposits raised), allowing the central bank to easily purchase doll...

December 27, 2017 7 min read

Shocking parallels in abolishing slavery and protectionist exploitation in Sri Lanka: Bellwether

A story doing round in Colombo these days is that when Sri Lanka's captains of rent - sorry industry - were asked about ...

December 4, 2017 11 min read

Sri Lanka's new trade policy has deadly Mercantilist myths: Bellwether

Sri Lanka's new trade policy published in the ministry of development strategies and international trade says a lot of h...

November 21, 2017 12 min read

Tuk-tuk, school van regulation in Sri Lanka can create a bus-style fiasco - Bellwether

Sri Lanka’s rulers and bureaucrats are planning to poke their itchy interventionist fingers on taxis and school v...

September 25, 2017 16 min read

Sri Lanka may be heading for a triple anchor, 'inflation targeting' oxymoron: Bellwether

Under planned ‘flexible inflation targeting’, Sri Lanka is supposed to target an inflation index, intervene...

August 28, 2017 23 min read