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Friday July 30th, 2021
Op-ed/Special Reports

Ahab’s Nemesis: Sri Lanka may be the best place in the world to see sperm whales

Is Sri Lanka the world capital for sperm whales in terms of super-pod frequency, density and viewability?

3 min read

Showing no compassion towards Muslim sentiments is shameful and dangerous

Sri Lanka’s continuing anti-Muslim policies are shameful as we as heirs to a civilization that goes back millennia are...

3 min read

Opinion: Unlocking the Potential of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Essential to Sri Lanka’s P...

Any hope of inclusive economic growth for Sri Lanka’s post covid recovery can only then be achieved if we utilize Mic...

3 min read

Media-persons must be critical thinkers – Media panel

In an era when almost everyone attempts to disseminate information through a plethora of platforms available, the role o...

3 min read

Attacks on Wimal maybe a sign of a seismic shift in the ruling alliance

There’s bitter invective being directed at a government Cabinet Minister these days by a faction of the ruling allianc...

And then she got Covid

The government's "governance by distraction" strategy takes a hit as prominent leaders who took the "Dhammika Paniya" to...

US Riots Show That Double Standards Rankle - Jehan Perera

Unrest and rioting in cities throughout the United States, the world’s largest economy and one of its richest, have be...

Dr. Jehan Perera - Executive Director National Peace Council

6 min read

Justice for Easter Sunday and Justice for Hejaaz: A Christian perspective

There must be justice for Easter Sunday, but there must also be justice for Hejaaz and others subjected to arbitrary arr...

Ruki Fernando

8 min read


Dr Jehan Perera - Reject Nationalism for the betterment of the country

"Instead of trying to ride the wave of nationalism to win the next general election in a big way, the government needs t...

Dr. Jehan Perera - Executive Director National Peace Council

6 min read

Scapegoating the Muslims: From Aluthgama to Post-Easter Sunday to COVID-19

To date in Sri Lanka 9 persons are said to have died of Covid-19 and out of these 4 are Muslims. At least 02 of these vi...

Shreen Abdul Saroor

9 min read

What is contact tracing of Coronavirus

Contact tracing combined with isolation and quick testing has been use to stop the progress of Coronavirus in several co...

5 min read

As Coronavirus tears Sri Lanka's apparel sector apart, an insider calls for help

No event in modern history has caused implications as severe as that of the Covid-19 outbreak, which is in danger of tea...

3 min read

Coronavirus crisis in Sri Lanka, the time to quit smoking: IPS

This provides grants to our poorest and most vulnerable members to cover their IMF debt obligations for an initial phase...

5 min read

‘A Brewing Storm’: Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Sri Lanka

Over a quarter of the world’s population is currently under movement restrictions. For the first time in recent human ...

Kithmina Hewage- Institute of Policy Studies

7 min read

A COVID-19 Recession and Debt Shock in Asia and Sri Lanka: scenario analysis

This scenario analysis is by Ganeshan Wignaraja is the Executive Director of the Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute of Intern...

4 min read

COVID19: A highly restrictive curfew may be counterproductive

A lockdown may certainly be warranted,  yet a highly restrictive and prolonged curfew may prove to be counterproductive...

Aneetha Warusavitarana - Advocata

4 min read

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The cost of being a Sri Lankan woman: Menstrual hygiene is very expensive

Sri Lanka's women’s economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment and political empowerment are major...

7 min read


Women in Night and Shift Work in Sri Lanka: Policies to Facilitate More Participation

Labour markets are undergoing rapid changes, while technological advances, income growth, and urbanisation are transfor...

6 min read

Business Impact on Sri Lanka from COVID-19

The outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having its toll on the global economy with many economists now expec...

Economic Intelligence Unit of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

3 min read

Deal with the families of missing with more compassion

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s recent assertion that those reported missing from the war are actually dead and the gov...

Jehan Perera - Executive Director National Peace Council

6 min read

Religio-cultural fundamentalism, liberty and social progress in Sri Lanka and the world

In this H.M.A. Herath Annual Memorial Oration delivered by W A Wijewardene, an economist, teacher and thinker takes the ...

33 min read

Sri Lanka heading for uncertainty with low rate obsession: Bellwether

Sri Lanka is heading into uncertain territory with an obsession on interest rates, a trigger happy central bank which te...


11 min read


Sri Lanka’s killer ‘flexible exchange rate’ strikes again: Bellwether

With just about six months of allowing people to get on with their economic lives peacefully, Sri Lanka’s central ban...


13 min read


Sri Lanka can make farms more productive with emerging tech: IPS researchers

Sri Lanka can make farming more productive using emerging technologies of the so-called fourth industrial revolution (4I...

5 min read


Lurking in the Shadows: A Closer Look at Multidimensional Poverty in Sri Lanka

Sunil is a labourer who lives in a small hut with his wife, and their two children, aged seven and four years. Both Suni...

Wimal Nanayakkara

6 min read

Sri Lanka's central bank defends discretionary monetary policy

ECONOMYNEXT - Sri Lanka's central bank has defended the continuation of discretionary monetary policy, in the wake of th...

26 min read

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