Opposition will support beneficial Constitutional changes – Harshana

UNP Parliamentarian Harshana Rajakaruna says that neither the government nor the opposition should get a two-thirds majority in parliament in the upcoming general elections.

Speaking to media this morning (6 Jan) at the UNP headquarters Sirikotha, the MP said that the government is trying to abolish the 19th amendment and make changes in the constitution and for that, they need a two-thirds majority in the parliament.

He added that the government finds the 19th Amendment which reduces the powers of the Presidency a hindrance to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s to implement his manifesto.

“If there is a need to change anything in the constitution that will do good to the country the opposition will support it,” he said.

Rajakaruna also said that they proposed the 19th amendment at a time when the UNP had only 44 MPs in the parliament, “the opposition supported it at that time but not now,” he added.

So he said the government should not play underhand games and mislead the people, the opposition is willing to give the full support when needed and discuss any changes to the constitution without completely abolishing the 19th amendment.

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