Pakistanis top visitors denied entry to Sri Lanka; one in six Afghans turned away

ECONOMYNEXT – Pakistan led the countries from which citizens were denied entry to Sri Lanka in 2016, followed by India and China, while one in six Afghans were turned away, a government report said.

In 2016, 239 Pakistanis had been denied entry to Sri Lanka, followed by 217 Indians and 210 Chinese, out of a total of 1,134 visitors not allowed to enter the country, a report of the country’s border control agency showed.

India sent 356,000 visitors to Sri Lanka in 2016 and China 271,000, indicating that one in 1643 Indians was turned away and one in 1,293 Chinese failed to enter. However, only 29,000 Pakistanis entered the country, indicating that one in 126 were turned away. Out of around 1.000 Afghans. 166 were denied entry, indicating that about one is six were turned away. It is not clear why they were turned away.

"Under the special situations regarding national security that arose in 2014, security clearances were continuously obtained from State Intelligence Service with regard to the arrivals of Pakistani, Afghan, Egyptian and Syrians nationals," the report said.

In the latter stages of the Rajapaksa administration, there were calls by nationalists to deport persecuted Pakistani Christians and Ahammadiya minorities who had arrived in the country as refugees.

Over 140 were arrested and detained in a camp where anti-government rebels were housed for deportation amid protests by international rights groups and the United Nations.

In the US, President Donald Trump, who is under fire for backing Neo-Nazis, also slapped a so-called ‘Muslim’ ban on several countries including Syria. (Colombo/Sept02/2017)

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