Pandemonium in Sri Lanka parliament

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s parliament was disrupted after legislators invaded the floor of the chamber and surrounded the speaker following a cal for a vote on a speech made by  Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Lakshman Kiriella called for a vote on the speech by Rajapaksa and speaker asked the house to decided whether to call a vote by name.  Supporters of Rajapaksa descended to the chamber and surrounded the speaker.

Other legislators also moved down and also behind the speaker, leading to a clashes and arguments between legislators.

Some legislators threw objects and books at the Speaker, which were fielded by other protecting him. Reporters said the speaker’s microphone was also broken.

After several minutes of chaos, the Speaker then left the chamber.

Rajapaksa in his speech said he accepted the post of Prime Minister from President Sirisena because the people were unhappy, taxes were going up and the rupee was falling.

He said fuel prices would be cut from midnight tonight.

Rajapaksa also called for a general election.

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