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Parliamentary probe failed to identify who was behind Easter attacks-Samarasinghe

SLFP Parliamentarian Mahinda Samarasinghe says the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) which probed into the Easter attacks has failed to identify who was behind the bombings.

He expected members of the PSC to do their job comprehensively but they had been pointing fingers at various officers and the lapses in the part of the President and the PM.

“But that is not sufficient, we need to really find out who was behind this thing as this kind of thing could again happen,” he added. 

Samarasinghe also said that the PSC was not representative as all political parties did not accept it and did not participate in it as there was a political agenda from the very beginning 

“And there was a certain allegation presented against certain personalities, where photographs had been published in the company of one these suicide bombers,” said Samarasinghe.

So he said that there is a big black mark over the independence of the PSC.

Further, he said that Gotabaya Rajapaksa had already said that he will appoint a special president’s commission to inquire who is really behind the attacks and that with his knowledge and expertise he will personally look into it

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