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Parliamentary Vote on Bill against Death Penalty soon

UNP MP Bandula Lal Bandarigoda, who tabled a Private Member’s Bill to abolish the death penalty said that a parliamentary vote will soon be carried out to abolish executions as the time given to raise objections against the proposal before Court is now over.

“When I presented this Bill some parties accused me of safeguarding criminals. I have told before that if anyone can prove that I had any kind of connection with criminals there is no problem. They can prove it and punish me. Three petitions were filed before the Supreme Court which challenged the bill to abolish the death penalty. But the Supreme Court rejected those petitions,”

Commenting further, the MP said that the party leaders will decide as to when the parliamentary vote will be conducted.

“When a bill is tabled, the MPs have the freedom to raise objections against that Bill. But the time given for that exceeded two ago. Therefore, party leaders will decide when to take this for a debate during the party leaders’ meeting,” the MP added.

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