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Pavithra willing to offer herself as a sacrifice to save Lanka from Covid

Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi

ECONOMYNEXT- Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi said that she is willing to offer herself as a living sacrifice to the sea to eradicate COVID-19 from Sri Lanka if that was possible.

An emotional Minister was under fire in Parliament as the opposition tore into her over the handling of the second wave of the Covid pandemic which claimed the lives of two more people today.

Responding to the criticism made by the opposition on social media about her accepting the advice of a faith healer who asked her to pour blessed water into a river to stem the pandemic,
Wanniarachchi said that she tirelessly works till late night every day of the week in her ministry based on scientific advice to control and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

However, she said that various religious groups had invited her to perform varying religious rituals as the Health Minister of the country to which she participates every possible time.

“There were certain posts in Facebook asking me to sacrifice myself to the sea in order to control COVID-19 if truly COVID-19 could be eradicated by Sri Lanka in that way I am ready to even do that,” she said.

Further, she claimed that the government was able to control COVID-19 in the first wave as they did not act based on politics.

She also that the World Health Organisation is constantly asking all parties not to use COVID for political advantage and added that the President and Prime Minister has asked her to always make decisions based on the advice of the health experts.

“So I did not go to teach the doctors neither did our government tried to do that,” she said.

Last week a faith healer Eliyantha White, who claims supernatural powers has persuaded Health Minister to try his miracle water to end the coronavirus pandemic.

He got Wannirachhchi to smash a pot containing his special water into the Kalu Ganga to contain the spread of the Coronavirus, footage broadcasted over the internet showed.





A video recorded by her own men shows her security detail was also not wearing masks during the ritual probably assured that pot luck would keep them virus free.

With virus-containing efforts getting out of control two other ministers, Udaya Gamnmanpila and Prasanna Ranatunga jumped in. They were both filmed throwing pots into the Kelani Ganga at two different locations. (Colombo/November 03/2020)

Reported by Imesh Ranasinghe

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