Pay parking or the CMC will clamp your ride

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ECONOMYNEXT – If you find your parked car has its wheel clamped in the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) area, that is because you have more than  three unpaid parking late fee notices.

The clamping is being done by powers granted to the CMC by the Western Provincial Council.

In the extra-ordinary gazette notification No 2029/29 which was issued in 2017 under the Western Province Provincial Council states that the CMC has the authority to clamp vehicles with 3 or more unpaid parking tickets.

Speaking to EconomyNext the Engineer of the Traffic Division of CMC Manjula Udalamatthe said that they have already clamped 6 vehicles this week and all the cases have more than 40 parking fee violations.

He said although the law has given them the power to clamp vehicles with more than three parking fee violations, they started clamping vehicles with a higher number of unpaid parking tickets.

Explaining the process in which these vehicles with unpaid parking fees are identified, Udalamatthe said that the CMC has implemented a smart parking system as a pilot project on the Galle Road from Fort to Wellawate, Duplication Road and the connecting byroads, where the driver of the vehicle have to pay the parking fee as soon as the vehicle is parked.

The payments can be made through the mobile App ‘ Tenaga Park Smart’, SMS and the terminals available at the parking spot.

So when a payment is made the number of the vehicle is updated in the system, if a vehicle has not paid the fee those vehicles can be identified once the number plate of the vehicle is scanned.

Once a vehicle is identified a red notice will be placed on the vehicle informing the owner the fine for not paying the fee, which could be double the parking amount up to two hours from the time the notice is issued.

But he said that the fine will increase further where it could be 1500 rupees up to 28 days.





Also, he said from the vehicles that were clamped owners had to pay amounts ranging from 60,000-90,000 rupees in fines to the CMC in order to get their vehicles released.

He  added that if the owners fails to get their vehicles released within a certain period after being clamped, yard charges also will be added to the fine as CMC will tow the vehicle to the yard.

Udalamatthe said that from the approximately 28,000 vehicles registered in the system only 6000-7000 vehicles have been neglecting the parking fees at the end of last year.

He believes this number will further reduce after this month.

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