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PCR tests have cost more than LKR42mn – Presidential Secretariat

ECONOMYNEXT- The President’s Office has released the accounts for the Covid Fund showing that the most expensive item the fund has invested in is PCR testing.

More than LKR42mn has been spent on these tests the release said.

A new laboratory for the Batticaloa Teaching Hospital is also a big-ticket item with LKR112mn allocated for that facility.

The media release said that with institutional and personal donations and direct deposits the balance of the COVID – 19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund reached LKR 1,668,379,121.74 as of 31.10.2020.

The fund is managed by a board headed by the Governor of the Central Bank Prof W D Lakshman.

Up to yesterday November 10, LKR402,190.701 out of the said amount has been allocated or spent for the following activities:

– PCR Testing Allocation LKR100,000,000 spent LKR42,605,812
– Advocacy Program Allocation LKR100,000,000 Spent 24,364,800
– Quarantine facilities Allocation LKR86,528,701 Spent LKR38,031,065
– Lab Facilities of Batticaloa Teaching Hospital Allocation LKR112,140,000
– Upgrade of Rapid Test Kit Allocation LKR3,522,000

(Colombo, November 11, 2020)

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  1. Single person donated a PCR test machine worth on 8 Million LKR. Government that receive hundreds of millions of Rupees and both local and foreign donations are worrying about spending 42 Mil. What a tragedy.

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