People were too afraid to protest under Rajapaksas – State Minister

The general public, oppressed under the Rajapaksa Government, was too afraid to protest demanding solutions to their problems, State Minister of Mahaweli Development Ajith Mannapperuma said.

Addressing the media at Temple Trees this morning (04), Mannapperuma said that people who protested in that period had to pay with their lives.

“In Rathupaswala, when people asked for water, the previous government solved the problem by opening fire at them. When a fisherman named Anthony in Chillaw requested a fuel subsidy, he was shot dead. When the Court ordered to reduce the price of fuel, they ignored the Court order,” Mannapperuma said.

The State Minister further said that people protest at present because they know that their demands will be met.

“The public had faith in the present Government; so they knew that when they protest, their demands will be addressed. A few days ago, government employees protested requesting a solution for their salary anomalies. It was something that was there form 1997. But those days, people didn’t have the freedom to speak. During the 2014 presidential election, they could have asked for a solution for their salary anomalies from Mahinda Rajapaksa. but they were too scared to do that,” Manapperuma added.

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