People who refuse PCR Tests can be charged – Police spokesman

ECONOMYNEXT- Sri Lanka’s Police Spokesman is saying that a person who refuses a PCR test can be charged with maliciously spreading Covid 19 and could face imprisonment.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Ajith Rohana, the Police Media spokesman told the Adaderana TV channel today that a person refusing PCR testing can face up to three years of imprisonment.

This is because a person who intentionally does not attend PCR testing he or she could be seen as someone who does not “love the country,” he added.

He said the most common reasons for people rejecting PCR testing is due to the illiteracy of one or two persons or their attitude.

But he said we should create a social ideology where people will listen to their mother, father or friends to follow or help the health authorities which they will accept rather than Police or the local PHI saying them to do so.

Further, he said that people who are rejecting PCR tests or violates the quarantine can be identified as some kind of pandemic terrorism as when those people go to the community, they will spread the virus to the vulnerable people, who have diabetes, blood pressure and other chronic diseases.

“So if a person does not attend PCR tests and behaves violating quarantine regulations, from the moral side he/she is traitor to the country and legally he can be identified as a person who maliciously attempts to spread the virus,” he said.

Moreover, that person will be doing crime under section 263 of the Penal Code as he is maliciously spreading the disease, the person could be subject to imprisonment up to three years.

And he added that if a quarantined person’s negligent action will lead to spreading of the virus, then that person is committing a crime under section 262 of penal code and he or she could be subjected to imprisonment up to two years.

Also, DIG Ajith Rohana said if a person who has the virus rejects PCR testing maliciously and as result of that act person especially in the vulnerable group dies by getting the virus from that particular person’s, legal action can be taken against that individual under section 298 of the penal code for causing the death of a person by a negligent action.





“He would be subjected to imprisonment between 5 -10 years,” he said. (Colombo/Dec14/2020)

Reported by Imesh Ranasinghe

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  1. The police state is here. you just can not force people to do certain things like forced medical examinations. Next, they will force people to be guinea pigs for research. Get your act together. You were not voted in to abuse the rights of the people.

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