PM raps Ranjan’s knuckles over comments about Clergy

The Prime Minister has asked actor-politico Ranjan Ramanayake to explain himself over disparaging remarks the State Minister allegedly made about Clergy in Sri Lanka.

Ranil Wickremesinghe has written to Ramanayake saying he wants a “clarification” over a statement the State Minister made saying “the Monks who are shouting a lot are those who have been abused in the temples as children.”

In the YouTube Video, part of a popular Vlogger Ashen’s posts, Ramanayek also says Clergy of all denominations have the best lives in Sri Lanka.

Ramanayke has been given a week to respond.

In his letter, the prime minister had said that the state minister’s observations about the Buddhist clergy are not in line with the United National Party (UNP) and its leadership’s views

He had also said that the families of the UNP members had maintained a close relationship with the Buddhist temples and had contributed to their development.

Ramanayake’s comments have drawn a storm of protest from various groups including the Nationalist Sinhale organisation which lodged a complaint against him at a Colombo Police station.

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