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PM wants Hajj Committee to be not-for-profit

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has ordered that the  National Hajj Committee operate in the future as a service-oriented body to all Sri Lankan Hajj pilgrims, Parliamentarian, Faiszer Mustapha said this morning.

The lawmaker stated that, “it is the wish of the Prime Minister that the Hajj Committee should function as a non-profit making body whose motto should be ‘Service only.” 

Mustapha wished that the committee will do its best to offer the Hajj package at affordable rates to the Lankan Hajjis, considering the fact that it cost Rs 700,000 to each pilgrim in 2019.

Mustapha was speaking to reporters following his meeting with the Chairman of the Hajj Committee Mohammed Faleel Marjan Asmi, who had met Rajapaksa following the committee’s visit to Saudi Arabia.

Hajj affairs of the pilgrims are attended to by the Government of Sri Lanka and the Performance of Hajj is facilitated through a Hajj Committee appointed by the Minister in charge of the subject of Religious Affairs, which is now under the Prime Minister. This Committee takes the overall responsibility of ensuring services related to Sri Lankan Hajj pilgrims are satisfactorily managed.

The Hajj Committee for the year 2020 appointed by Rajapaksa comprises Mohamed Faleel Marjan Asmi (Chairman), Mohamed Ahkam Sabry Uwaise, Seyed Ahamed Naqeeb Moulana, M.J Ahamed Fuward and Thanga Udayar Abdul Saththar.

The key features of the Hajj Committee include negotiating with the Government of KSA to secure a reasonable quota for pilgrims for Sri Lanka and liaise with all related authorities to ensure that the full service be given to every pilgrim, especially with regard to timely transportation facilities and Mina and Arafat accommodation including the medical facilities.

Mustapha further stated that the Consul General and his staff welcomed the members of the Hajj Committee who arrived in Jeddah on Dec 23. The committee has bagged a quota of 3,500 Sri Lankan pilgrims which is an increase over the earlier quota of 2,850 pilgrims. 

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