Police and forces dealing with issues efficiently – Karu

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya is saying that the Sri Lanka Police is facing grave new challenges and dealing with them efficiently and in a competent manner.

The Speaker paid this compliment after launching a new service which will enable members of the public to lodge complaints against the police to the Police Commission on-line in Colombo today (28).

Jayasuriya said that the country “was too relaxed after we dealt with the thirty-year war, and that is how we were caught unexpectedly by the Easter attacks.”

He said the police and the Security Forces have dealt with the investigation into the Easter attacks efficiently and put into place a security plan.

“The people want to see unbiased, nonpartisan police and armed forces acting in the best interests of the public,” he said. “That is what they voted for in 2015.”

He said there are other challenges too. “The drug problem is a serious issue. Our schoolchildren are in danger of being seriously affected and there are indications that because of our geographical position we are becoming a hub for international drug traffickers.”

Jayasuriya also said the police should act to ensure the general public is not inconvenienced by protests and protest marches.

“A handful of people can obstruct the movement of thousands of others. This is not fair. I have known of instances where patients have died and others who have missed flights due to protestors blocking roads.”

Protesting is a democratic right but not at the inconvenience of others, so the police need to take action, he said.





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