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Police did not leak the Ranjan tapes – Police spokesman

Police did not leak the CD containing the famously controversial conversations that Actor-politico Ranjan Ramanayake had with a number of personalities the Police department said today.

Police spokesman Superintendent Jaliya Senaratne told RepublicNext today Jan 14, that the raid on the actor’s house took place after the Police were provided with the CD containing the taped calls.

The raiding party were looking for more such materials, he added. The search warrant was issued by the Nugegoda Magistrate based on that information, Senaratne said.

Police did seize a number of CDs and DVDs from Ramanayake’s house, which the actor broadcast live on his Facebook page.

He was initially charged with possessing an unlicensed firearm, which the MP pointed out was a government-issued weapon. He claimed that he had forgotten to renew his license.

The taped conversations with individuals ranging from senior police officers, various people linked to the entertainment industry, judges and a host of others have left many with reddened faces.

Meanwhile, the United National Party has temporarily suspended Ramanayake’s party membership.

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