Police probe alleged attack on Methodist center

Police are investigating an alleged attack on a Methodist Center in Anuradhapura on Sunday (14).

A gang of 20 – 25 people allegedly attacked the Center while the worshipers were participating in Palm Sunday celebrations.

Rev. Asiri Perera, the President of the Methodist Church told RepublicNext that the group was demanding the worshipers to leave the place and when they failed to do so, the gang attacked them with stones and crackers.

“I witnessed the unfortunate incident that happened. This is not the first time they troubled us in this manner. Since February some people have been interrupting our meetings saying that we are loud. I can guarantee that we were not loud. We are a group of 12 worshipers and we do not even use loud speakers.The police arrived within half an hour and helped us get out of the place safely, but nobody was arrested. Therefore I request the responsible authorities to deliver us justice,” said Perera.

A spokesperson for Anuradhapura Police told RepublicNext that an investigation is being carried out about the incident and Perera failed to identify the attackers. Rev. Perera will be summoned to the police this Friday to identify the attackers and conduct further investigations.

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