Police rule out extremism in the attack on Mawanella Buddha statue

The Buddha statue in Mawanella was vandalized by a man stealimg money from the till

ECONOMYNEXT-Police are ruling out any extremism or terrorism associated with the minor attack on a Buddha statue in Hingula, Mawanella on December 28 the Police spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said.

He said that the suspect a 30-year-old, a resident of Hettimulla, Kegalle has told police that he broke the glass enclosure of the Buddha statue in order to steal Rs 60 from the till installed there for devotees to donate money.

Rohana says the police believe the man is a drug addict and has allegedly broken into religious places to rob money on previous occasions.

A stone pelted at the glass enclosure of Dadimunda Devalaya in Mawanella on December 28 following the stealing of explosives from a rock quarry on December 22 raised public concerns that ethnic tensions would be sparked in Mawanella similar to the incident in December 2018.

However, following multiple probes by Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and State Intelligence a suspect was also arrested with regard to the stolen explosives from Peradeniya.

Police Spokesman said that the suspect was a worker at the rock quarry who had stolen the explosives with the intention of selling it to another quarry.

He also said at the time of the initial complaint about the stolen explosives, the owner of the rock quarry had said to the police that he suspects this particular worker might be behind the incident.

Police were able to recover all the stolen explosives hidden in a safe place by the suspect. (Colombo/Jan05/2021)

Reported by Imesh Ranasinghe






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