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Policies must not be limited to paper to win elections – Arjuna

Minister Arjuna Ranatunga said that there should be proper policies which should be implemented and not be limited to the paper they are written on to win the presidential elections.

He also added that even the current government had some policies which were presented at the presidential election in 2015 which were never implemented.

At a media briefing today (6 Aug) the Minister said that everyone has different opinions but more power should be given to the United National Party (UNP) in the proposed alliance as it is the major party.

“It doesn’t matter about the rules in UNP or how they implement those rules or their leader but the only thing that matters is how to form a government with a proper alliance and a policy,” he said.

He also added “some members in the UNP think about competing alone but according to my opinion, no one can win the elections alone and it is the same with the opposition parties as well,”

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