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Political agenda behind communal violence – Methodist Bishop

Certain politicians are encouraging communal violence, seeking votes from sections of the population, Methodist Church President Rev. Asiri Perera said.

Addressing a press conference today (14), the Bishop said that politicians have introduced what he called “dirty politics” to the country and encouraged violence at a time when people wanted to be patient and harmonious.

“I won’t be surprised to hear that these are political agendas [being carried out],” said Bishop Perera.

Some politicians, he said, are not honouring the law and order which results in the general public doing the same.

“When people were arrested for acts of violence some other civilians staged in front of the police and demanded them to be released. People behave in this manner because there is a political hand behind it” the Bishop said.

Rev. Perera said that he questions the Head of State as to why he failed to ensure law and order after promising to do so.

“The Head of State says that the state is ensuring law and order. But that is not true. If people can go and force the police to release those people that were taken into custody, where is the law and order?” he said.

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