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Postponing due elections is another form of terrorism – Elections Commissioner

Though now is not the time to discuss elections, postponing scheduled elections citing the prevailing situation is terrorism in a different form, in that it could pose an existential threat to democracy itself, Commissioner of Elections Mahinda Deshapriya said.

Speaking to RepublicNext, the Commissioner said that it is inappropriate to contemplate immediate elections in the aftermath of the Easter bombings, given the prevailing situation in the country. However, he said, not holding scheduled elections on time could go against the very values a democracy seeks to uphold.

“Given the current situation, it is not proper to think about holding elections in the immediate future. We have to consider the emotional state of the people and think about abating their fears and sorrows. The conditions are not right for any election. However, postponing scheduled elections for this reason is not acceptable either, considering the situation is gradually becoming something that can be controlled,” he said.

“Postponing due elections is a different form of terrorism. The objective of terror is to go against democracy, peace, equality and coexistence. In that vein, postponing due elections is also an act of terrorism,” he reiterated.

Presidential elections are due later this year.

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