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President appoints military-led task force to create a “disciplined, lawful society”

REMEMBERING THE FALLEN – President Gotabaya Rajapaksa lays a wreath at the War Heroes Memorial on the 11th Anniversary of the end of the war in Battaramulla May 19, 2020/President’s Media Division

ECONOMYNEXT – President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has appointed a Task Force entrusted with creating “a virtuous, disciplined and lawful society,” in Sri Lanka.

The Task Force headed by Secretary to the Ministry of Defense Retired Major General Kamal Guneratne includes heads of the Armed Forces and Police and Intelligence Heads, Chief of Customs and the Additional Secretary of the Defence Ministry.

In an extraordinary gazette issued last night June 2, the President has tasked this body with four points of action.

They are:

  1. To curb the illegal activities of social groups which are violating the law which is emerging as harmful to the free and peaceful existence of society at present in some places of the country
  2. To crack down on the drug menace, prevent entry of drugs from abroad through ports and airports and to fully eradicate drug trafficking in the country and to prevent other social ills caused by drug abuse
  3. Take legal action against persons responsible for illegal and antisocial activities conducted in Sri Lanka from overseas.
  4. To investigate and prevent any illegal and antisocial activities in and around prisons


In the gazette President Rajapaksa has emphasized that it is essential to liberate society from the drug menace and made it a primary task for the group.

The gazette also said that the Task Force “may issue instructions or request that all Government Officers and other persons requesting assistance in the provision of services comply with such instructions. I hereby instruct all Government Officers and others to provide all possible assistance and provide all information that may be provided. And, I do hereby direct the said Task Force to report to me, all cases of delay or default on the part of any Public Officer or Officer of any Ministry, Government Department, State Corporation or other similar institution in the discharge of duties and responsibilities assigned to such public officer or such institution.”


  1. Major General (Retired) Kamal Gunaratne Esquire Secretary to the Ministry of Defence
  2. Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva Esquire Commander of the Sri Lanka Army
  3. Vice Admiral Piyal de Silva Esquire Commander of Sri Lanka Navy
  4. Air Marshal Sumangala Dias Esquire Commander of Sri Lanka Air Force
  5. Mr. C.D. Wickremarathne Esquire Acting Inspector General of Police
  6. Major General (Retired) Vijitha Ravipriya Esquire Director General of Customs
  7. Major General (Retired) Jagath Alwis Esquire Chief of the National Intelligence Service
  8. Major General Suresh Salley Esquire Director of State Intelligence Service
  9. Major General A. S. Hewavitharana Esquire Director of Army Intelligence Unit
  10. Captain S.J. Kumara Esquire Director of Navy Intelligence Unit
  11. Air Commodore M.D.J. Wasage Esquire Director of Air Force Intelligence Unit
  12. T. C. A. Dhanapala Esquire Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Special Task Force of Police
  13. Waruna Jayasundara Deputy Inspector-General of Police

(Colombo, June 3, 2020) Reported by Arjuna Ranawana





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