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President blames Human Rights activists for Easter attacks

President Maithripala Sirisena took a swipe at “Human Rights” activists today saying they were responsible for the “weakening of the Intelligence Services” and the Easter Sunday massacre happened because of that.

Addressing Media heads in Colombo this morning the President said these human rights activists should be held responsible for the carnage.

He said the Islamic State has become a problem for Western countries such as France and the United States who are forced to spend large sums of money on security.

He said that IS attacks Western culture and that is why they targeted the Churches.

The President also drew connections between his war on drugs and terrorism. He said terrorism and the drug trade go hand in hand.

He submitted that the Churches may have been attacked because Malcolm Cardinal Ranjit supported his efforts to eradicate drugs.

He said that he will appoint a new Secretary to the Ministry of Defence today and that he expects the Inspector General of Police to resign today.

The President also said that he was asking the relevant officials to draft laws so that organisations such as the National Thowheed Jamaat, suspected of carrying out the attacks can be banned.

“At present the law of the land does not permit us to ban the NTJ.”





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