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President commissions SLNS Parakramabahu new vessel gifted by China

Sri Lanka Navy’s P-625 vessel which is a gift from China to enhance operations of the Sri Lanka Navy was commissioned by President Maithripala Sirisena as ‘SLNS Parakramabahu.’

The President handed over the new vessel to the Commanding Officer of the ship, Captain Nalindra Jayasinghe yesterday (22 Aug).

SLNS Parakramabahu decorated with lights (PC; PMD)

Built-in 1994, the ship is 112 meters long and 12.4 meters wide, with a capacity of 2300 tons. The ship has a crew of 110, including 18 officers. 

After joining the Sri Lanka Navy’s fleet, it will be used for search and rescue operations, protection of marine resources and relief for naval ships and vessels in the deep sea region of Sri Lanka.

This the second vessel added to the Sri Lanka Navy’s fleet since June. the other is SLNS Gajabahu which is a gift from the US government.

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