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President promises University education for all students who pass the Advanced Levels

ECONOMYNEXT- President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is promising to overhaul the education system, solve issues in schools, increase the capacity of universities in Sri Lanka and improve the Open University Network.

Delivering the Throne speech at the inauguration of the Ninth Parliament of Sri Lanka on August 20, he said measures will be taken to increase the number of National schools’ islandwide.

“Parents request for their children’s education suitable schools. The shortage of national schools was evident in every area. Most schools have significantly inadequate facilities.” President Rajapaksa said.

President said due to the lack of facilities students are unable to follow science and technical subjects and these issues will be addressed.

“Although we request students to follow science and technical subjects in order to successfully contribute to the economy, their schools do not even have basic facilities to teach those subject streams.”

Immediate action will be taken to solve the frequent complaints about the shortage of teachers, laboratories, libraries and sports facilities in schools.

President said, that the funds issued by the government of the country for the students to pursue studies is an investment for the future and will prioritize these issues to resolve through the education ministry.

“Funds expended by the government for children to pursue their ambitions and to hone their skills are an investment for the future. We will accord priority to resolve these issues through the ministries which had been assigned with new responsibilities.” President said.

The President said more opportunity will be given for students to pursue higher studies by increasing the capacity of the government universities and improvements will be done in the Open University network and distance learning.

“We will increase the capacity of Universities enabling all students who pass the Advanced Level Examination to pursue a university education,” President said.





“Further, we will take measures to improve the Open University network and Distance Learning methods. ”

He also said the curriculum will be revised to ensure the degrees provided by the universities would directly contribute to the growth of the economy.

President Rajapaksa, pointing out the importance of the technical education said special attention must be given to reform education in grade 6 to grade 13 in the future.

“In achieving our future objectives, special attention needs to be paid to technical education,” President said.

“We will pay special attention in education reforms in respect of Grade 6 to Grade 13”.

President said the human resource development has been identified as a priority the education subject has been brought under one ministry and divided into four state ministries.

The President said separate State Ministries for Pre-School, Education Reforms, Skills Development as well as Dhamma School and Bhikkhu Education have been set up due to their importance.

“Human resource development has been identified as a priority, the subject of education has been brought under one Ministry and four State Ministers were appointed for different responsibilities therein.” President Rajapaksa said. (Colombo/ Aug 20/2020)

Reported by Chanka Jayasinghe

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