President Rajapaksa has no intention of changing appointments in the face of pressure

FILE PHOTO -President addressing Parliament

ECONOMYNEXT – President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is saying that he has no intention of making any changes in the appointments he has made recently in the face of lobbying from some quarters.

In a Media statement, the Presidential Secretariat said that pressure “is being mounted against certain appointments recently made by the President and the Government.”

The release did not specify whether these appointments were for Ministerial positions, Secretaries to Ministries or heads of statutory bodies.

President Rajapaksa has said, according to the statement, that the appointments were made “after deep thought.”

“All these appointments were made with the utmost consideration of our country’s sovereignty, national security and implementation of the government’s policy statement,” the Secretariat said.

Also, the President emphasizes that these people have been chosen “after careful scrutiny of loyalty to the nation, qualifications and background of these individuals so that policies of the Government can move forward in a successful manner.”

The President politely requests everyone not to pressure him or the Government to change these appointments, the statement said.

It also asked lobbyists to back off as the President is of the view that “expressing opinions against these appointments will not only make the appointees unable to carry out their duties and responsibilities properly but also will weaken the Government’s process.” (Colombo, September 3, 2020)

Reported by Arjuna Ranawana






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