President should act, after Sri Lanka makes Commonwealth history: legislator

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena should appoint a Prime Minister after courts made Commonwealth history by restraining a disputed appointments, a senior lawyer and legislator said.

Sri Lanka’s Court of Appeal halted Mahinda Rajapaksa from acting as Prime Minister and misters and deputy ministers in their posts.

"In commonwealth history for the first time a court has restricted the functioning of a purported government with quo warranto through an interim order," M A Sumanthiran, a legislator who is representing the Tamil National Alliance said.

"Now the president should be cognizant of the fact that two no confidence motions were passed and appoint a Prime Minister which is his constitutional duty."

There was no immediate reaction from President Sirisena or Rajapaksa.

But Chandima Weerakkody, a legistor loyal to Rajapaksa said they will respect the court decision.
"We will accept the appeal court’s decision," he said.

"And we will continue to push for elections through the people"

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