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President trying to create second constitutional crisis by boycotting Cabinet – Champika

Minister of Megapolis and Western Development Patali Champika Ranawaka said that, by boycotting Cabinet meetings, President Maithripala Sirisena is trying to create a second constitutional crisis in the country, as he did on 26 October last year.

Through his actions, the President will be inviting the same kind of catastrophic impact on the country’s economy and its democratic processes as was done by the October coup and the Easter Sunday attacks, he said.

Speaking to journalists at the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) headquarters this morning (12), Ranawaka said there are 51 listed Cabinet papers, 19 new papers and 34 papers which contain the appointment of state workers to different state departments pending approval.

“Altogether there are 104 cabinet papers pending approval,” he said.

By intentionally delaying the approval process so, said the Minister, President Sirisena was engaged in an irresponsible act of sabotage, disrupting the work of both the legislature and the executive. Ranawaka also criticised Sirisena’s demands to stop the ongoing Parliament Select Committee (PSC) meetings probing the Easter attacks citing national security concerns.

“People suspect that the President and the Government had intentionally let the Easter attacks happen and the PSC was appointed to clear those doubts by investigating and revealing who is directly responsible for it,” said Ranawaka.

While there is no need to reveal sensitive information, he went on to say, it is necessary to find out what lapses, if any, occurred, on the part of the executive, the various intelligence agencies and others could’ve led to the attacks.

“The purpose of the PSC is not to target individuals but to find out what went wrong and take steps to correct them and strengthen national security in the future,” he added.

Ranawaka further said that certain individuals think that abusing their power makes them presidential material, a sentiment he said is echoed by some media heads.

“This time, we should create a country that gives prominence to skill and talent by electing a person who has at least passed their A/L examinations to be the president,” he said.





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