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Prespoll2019: First shots fired in anger

Police are investigating after bodyguards escorting Parliamentarian S B Dissanayake opened fire at a group trying to obstruct his vehicle at Ginigathhena around 7.30 pm yesterday, Nov 6.

Police headquarters confirmed last night that the incident took place at Polpitiya and two persons had been injured and admitted to the Thaligama hospital.

Dissanayake, who has spent time as an MP and Minister in the United National Party as well as the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, is currently in political limbo as he is supporting the Sri Lanka Podujana Party and its candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa in the Presidential race.

The SLFP is conducting a disciplinary inquiry against him for joining the SLPP and has said it wants to expel him. Such an expulsion will cost “SB” as he is widely known his parliamentary seat as he is a National List MP.

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