Prices of sixty pharmaceutical drugs increased

The Ministry of Health has increased the prices of 60 pharmaceutical drugs which were decreased previously under a price control mechanism.

Issuing a gazette notification, the Ministry said the price increase will be in effect from 15 May.

The price hike has led to an increase in the prices of essential drugs including Albendazole, Amoxicillin, Paracetamol and Cefuroxime.

According to the Gazette, the prices of some of the essential drugs of which the prices have been increased are as follows:

Amoxicillin + Clauvalanic Acid (Oral Suspension) – Rs 345.35

Montelukast (tablet) 4mg – Rs. 13.73

Aspirin (tablet) 75 mg – Rs. 3.60

Clarithromycin( tablet) 250 mg – Rs.43.85

Paracetamol (tablet) 500mg – Rs.1.57





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