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Proposal to ban tuition during Daham Pasal times

A Private Members Bill is being presented to Parliament to ban private tuition classes being held on Poya days and Sundays until 3.pm.

This long-standing request from both Buddhist and Christian religious leaders appears to have reached the ears of MP Dr. Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe.

Clerics and staff running the Daham Pasal or Sunday religious schools have been complaining that schoolchildren are forced to attend private tuition classes and are missing their religious education.

Rajapakshe was elected as a United National Party MP from the Colombo District but no longer attends party caucus meetings.

He has presented a Private Members Bill to amend the Holidays Act No 29 of 1979 to impose a fine of Rs. 10,000 on anyone conducting tuition classes on these designated days.

Earlier the fine was Rs. 1,000, an amount not commensurate with the large amounts private tutors earn.

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