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Provincial polls before the Presidential elections, Govt’s last trump – GL

The Government has done everything possible to stop holding provincial council elections for two years and it now goes to the Court to hold it before the presidential elections as it fears the latter, Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP ) President Prof G.L Peiris said.

Addressing a press conference held at SLPP Head Office this morning (Aug 19), Peiris said that the Government wants to hold provincial council elections in order to distract the people and not because it wants to safeguard the voting rights of the people.

“They fear the presidential elections and their last trump is to ask the Supreme Court about the provincial council elections. They could have done it a year ago. Both UNP and SLFP (Sri Lanka Freedom Party) were involved in postponing provincial council elections. Everyone should read last year’s August 24 Hansard report which clearly shows that the Government wanted to stop holding the provincial council elections,” Peiris said.

Commenting further, SLPP President said that although everyone accepts the Supreme Court’s decision both the UNP and the SLFP ‘created a problem on their own’ which was not in the legal system.

“The Government created a Gordian knot and requests the Court to solve it. Why couldn’t they go to the Court earlier? They did everything possible to postpone presidential elections but the law doesn’t allow to postpone it. First, they wanted to be in power for six years and then they tried to keep a referendum but all their attempts failed,” Peiris added.

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