PSC hearings will be closed to media when sensitive matters are discussed

The media will be not allowed in to cover hearings of the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) probing the Easter Sunday attacks when sensitive matters are discussed, Parliamentary sources say.

Yesterday (19), Committee Chairman and Deputy Speaker Ananda Kumarasiri announced that the hearings will be closed on “selected days.”

Speaking to the media, Kumarasiri explained that the decision whether or not the PSC would be open to news media coverage will depend on subject up for discussion in that session.

“When PSC sessions focused on sensitive subjects such as national security or when the PSC is to record evidence from officers attached to defense, military or intelligence units, on such occasions, the PSC will not invite the media to the sittings,” said Kumarasiri.

This is a change from the earlier rules where the Media were to be excluded only when an officer requested that he depose in a confidential manner.

Under the new rule, all officials from these departments will not be exposed to the Media.

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