Put climate change on ‘war footing’ call to Sri Lanka’s private sector

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s private sector should influence the government and put the country on climate change ‘war footing’ to better cope with floods, droughts and other natural disasters that are becoming more frequent, an environmental law expert said.

“We cannot stop climate change but can prepare for and mitigate their impacts,” Attorney-at-Law Lalanath de Silva told a forum held by the Sri Lanka Business and Biodiversity Platform, known as Biodiversity Sri Lanka.

The gravilty of the impact of climate change was still not appeciated by ordinary people, the corporate sector and governemnt, he said.

“We need the private sector to influence the government and put climate change on a war footing because it is in your best financial and economic interest to do so.”

Climate change impacts will destroy and damage some industrial establishments while agricultural businesses will also suffer heavy damage through floods and drought.

Sri Lanka’s green house gas emissions are miniscule compared with the industrialised West and countries like China and India, de Silva told the CEO Forum of Biodiversity Sri Lanka, a private sector-led platform to encourage increased corporate involvement in biodiversity and environmental conservation.

“Those who created the problem are in the north – Europe, United States, Japan and India and China. But we should have no doubt we will be impacted and be victims of climate change.”

De Silva said there’ll be winners and losers in climate change.
“And where we are winners we can capitalise and make the best of it. Probably we’ll have more losers than winners.

“Even if business does not take a direct hit, there will be losses suffered from disruption from floods and cyclones.”
(COLOMBO, 21 September, 2018)





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